"I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Franek over the last few years through my work as a guardian for various groups of international exchange students at a Houston area private school. He was in charge of the English enrichment program for several of my international students.

I would highly recommend his language services to the parents or the guardians of international students, because I have personally observed consistent improvements in my students' speaking, reading, and writing abilities. One of my students came from Korea with no English background. In addition to English enrichment courses, this student also took regular classes concurrently. That is no easy task for anyone who just started learning a new language from scratch.

The same student, who took his courses for only two semesters during her stay with me, ended up being both an Honor Roll and High Honor Roll student. However, I do want to emphasize to all parents of international students that his students are evaluated individually. Just because someone we know may have picked up the language in less than a year, it does not mean all students will become self-sufficient in one year. I hope the parents and guardians of the international students would understand this.

Mr. Franek is a responsible, dependable and honest individual. There was not one time he was not available to hear my concerns I had toward my students.

All my international students have graduated from his program and have gone back home. The parents back home are particularly impressed by the level of education their children received from Mr. Franek's language services. I hope to work with Mr. Franek again in the future."
-Hana Chung, Former Guardian for International Exchange Students

"I found my class time spent with Liz to be very productive while I was reviewing my basics. Having a smaller, more personal class allowed me to focus on my own weaknesses while keeping areas that I thought I was strong in well polished. When I actually went to México and had to put what I had learned into practice, I found the adjustment period to be surprisingly short and received many compliments on my speaking ability. All in all, I would recommend these classes to anyone who can take them because they build on the strengths that you already have, and can focus on the parts of your language abilities that may be lacking."
-Daniel May, Former Corporate Spanish Student

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