"My time spent taking Spanish classes with your group has been very beneficial. I had a decent foundation and was able to further develop my skills. The instructors were wonderful and worked with me when it came to my difficult and uncertain schedule. I would like to than Liz Palomo most for helping me; she was my instructor from beginning to end and I learned much from her."
-Stephen Winkler, Former Corporate Spanish Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Premiere English as they provided me with a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge of language training. I found the administration and day-to-day management at Premiere English to be very professional and efficient, allowing me to devote more time to the preparation of lesson plans. I would happily recommend Chris and his team to any aspiring teacher looking for an exciting opportunity to teach ESL within the United States."-
-Marena Marshall, Former Premiere Teacher

"I had a great experience taking Spanish classes with Premiere English. The courses did an excellent job of reinforcing my existing knowledge of Spanish and introducing new concepts. The biggest help to me was the emphasis on conversational Spanish. I feel I have really improved in that area. Another big plus was the flexibility with scheduling, allowing me to work around my demanding schedule. I would like to thank my teacher, Natalia, for all her help and I highly recommend the program."-
-James Dempsey, Former Corporate Spanish Student

"Before discovering Premiere English/Premiere Español, I had attempted to study Spanish for nearly four years. I tried reading books, used audio format, took private tutorials and even accelerated learning in small group classes. Though I learned something from all of these methods, there was always something missing! It seemed that I still had great apprehension with speaking in Spanish and that there were many gaps in my understanding, and hence knowledge.

Premiere Español found the perfect teacher to suit my needs. César understands the way that I process and learn. He always works with me at a pace that I am comfortable with, and I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. He has identified the gaps in my earlier studies of Spanish, and has patiently filled them in, giving me a much stronger foundation in the language.

I could not be happier with my experience with Premiere English and my teacher!!"
-Debbie Mills, Spanish Student

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