"I am emailing you to thank you. My mom thanks you too! Thank you for helping to improve my English skills when I first came to the US to study in Houston (which was long time ago! Haha!). I am leaving Houston tomorrow for college in New York as I got accepted to NYU! Also, I received an award from President Obama for having a high GPA and SAT score. Thank you so much for building my basic English, especially conversation wise!!:)"
-Charlotte Kim, Former ESL Student (Korea)

"Working for Premiere English gave me the rare freedom to have my own teaching style, and to use my creativity to develop the methods and resources that I thought best. I was able to focus on having classes that resulted in real improvement and were enjoyable for the students and for myself, and I never felt pressured to "teach to the test". But probably my favorite thing about the experience was the relationships that I was able to form with my students, who were interesting, intelligent people from all over the world. I highly recommend Premiere English as a job experience."
-Liz Palomo, Former Premiere Teacher

"Jennifer is a great English teacher, a great person to talk to, and gave me some valuable advice. Your classes are very good and I want to thank you and Jennifer for your time and help."
-Jing Cai, Former ESL Student

"My Spanish classes with the instructor helped prepare me for an assignment abroad in a Spanish speaking country. I was able to review and utilize the Spanish I have learned in the past, as well as gain new concepts, vocabulary, and tools for communicating in a variety of situations. This knowledge, backed by practical activities (games, reading articles, general speaking practice, etc), created a great learning environment that was both fun and useful for ensuring my future success in a multi-cultural world. In short, THE CLASS WAS DA' BOMB!"
-Bryson Dixon, Former Corporate Spanish Student

"It is very difficult to learn as much as I needed to in such little time. That being said I think Mary did an excellent job preparing me for what I would face in Mexico. I learned so much in so little time that I was surprised when we reviewed all the things she taught me. She is an excellent teacher and I'm glad she taught me for the little time I had classes."
-Jeff Brown, Former Corporate Spanish Student

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