"The course was very helpful to my professional and personal life because it gave me the opportunity to improve my understanding of English, as well as my social performance. The course was also a very enriching experience because I had the opportunity to experience an innovative teaching system which was both effective and pleasant. Chris is a very professional and honest guy and he taught me English like no one else had ever done."
-Marcos Rosales, Former ESL Student (Mexico)

"In the period from March 2008 to November 2009 while I was expatriated in the USA, I took English classes provided by Premiere English. The English classes were part of my personal development program provided by my company for the expatriates. These classes were delivered in a very professional manner and were useful for me. I skipped very few classes in this period and I used the opportunity to improve my spoken and written English. The methods used by my teacher, Elizabeth, were very productive for me. I was told that I had the greatest progress during this period and that I had the best attendance. The classes were interactive and for me, it was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. She did a very good job."
-Sorin Blaj, Former Corporate ESL Student (Romania)

"I've always been glad to attend the classes, I found the teachers very well prepared, professional, and punctual."
-Stefano Buday, Former Corporate ESL Student (Italy)

"As an instructor, I understand the importance of personalization in lesson planning. Premiere English allowed me the freedom to tailor the course specifically to the unique needs of the student, optimizing student progress. The experience was richly organic for the client as well as for me."
-Holly Hecht, Former Premiere Teacher

"Working for Premiere English has been both an enriching and gratifying experience. Through Premiere English I have grown as a person and a professional, rediscovering my passion for both learning and teaching. As a language instructor I have had the opportunity to learn and understand the structure of my native languages in a much deeper way, while learning about the languages and cultures of my students and how they perceive and learn their new language relating it to their native tongue. I have been particularly impressed by the company's integrity and genuine concern for the success of its students. At Premiere, I didn't just have a job, I discovered my passion for languages. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work for Premiere English and I am truly sad to leave."
-Jonathan Rogers, Former Premiere Teacher

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