We offer a full menu of ESL language services in addition to Spanish. We have specialty offerings catered to the needs of businesses and corporations, public and private schools, manufacturing facilities or businesses with a blue collar workforce, TOEFL test preparation, and accent reduction.
ESL classes delivered on-site at your place of business to your white collar personnel. These classes can either be designed to help participants improve in general English communication skills or be specifically targeted to help them with areas of English specifically related to their jobs.
Businesses that employ workers who speak a foreign language natively and that typically come from limited education backgrounds. In some cases they may have literacy issues both in their native language and in English. We assign ESL teachers who have specialized experience working with this demographic as they require special attention.
On-site ESL programs at school campuses (public or private) that have international students in need of an ESL program in order to more effectively adapt and assimilate into an American English-based academic and social environment.
The TOEFL test is one of the most difficult English proficiency tests out there. Our classes can go a long way toward preparing participants to incorporate successful test taking strategies specific to the TOEFL. We also work with foreign expatriates preparing for the GMAT verbal sections.
Specialized courses for accent reduction and improvement in pronunciation. Our accent reduction classes will make a huge difference!
Enjoy the benefits of taking a well organized and incredibly engaging approach to learning Spanish on-site in the convenience of your office. Our approach places great empasis on systematically building upon foundational principles of Spanish within a classroom experience that is cultivates oral communication and connection of the language to its underlying culture.
Enjoy taking Spanish classes either with your own private, highly skilled Spanish instructor or in micro-groups. Our individualized program is perfect for those who want a customized and intensive learning environment that honors your unique learning pace. Classes are arranged at neutral mutually agreed upon locations that are convenient to the student.