We believe that language classes should be able to be delivered in any environment with the same objective: to be engaging and stimulating.

Taking a language class need not be a predictably boring experience. Working with us, see it transformed into a journey saturated with imagination driven by engaging teachers who create authentically original language learning experiences.

Let our phenomenal teachers show you what a great learning experience taking a language class can be.

Premiere English Corporate ESL

Meeting (can be by phone or in person) to learn about the scope of your language needs so as to determine what various options we can explore according to your budget and circumstances.

Based on your needs and circumstances, we will send you a price quote for our services.

If necessary, we will conduct a formal on-site language assessment of targeted participants for the language program.

After completing our assessment process and compiling all of the results, we will present you with our recommended language program plan based on your stated objectives and any budget considerations you may have expressed.

Once the plan proposal has been reviewed and finalized, we will assign the appropriate teacher(s) to work with you and identify the official start date.

If interested, optional performance reporting can be arranged.