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Better Engish Communication with Foreign Co-Workers

Because of being recognized around the world as being “The Land of Opportunity,” the U.S. has historically been and continues to be a popular destination for foreigners wanting to come here to learn English and gain experience working for an American company. Historically, many of the associations Americans have had with foreign workers was in the context of them working in a physical labor capacity type job but in more recent decades, an ever growing number are here working in various salaried professional job capacities from engineering to middle management. While their growing presence in the workforce has represented an opportunity for American corporate cultures to gain valuable exposure to alternative non-American approaches to problem solving and thought processes, it has also predictably created communication problems due in large part to the obvious linguistic shortcomings of the foreign expatriates but also in significant part due to the varying degrees of cultural myopia many of us Americans sadly suffer from. Continue reading

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